Disgust and Anxiety


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I'm German. It was only a matter of time until the Holocaust would become an issue to write about for me, and that time is now. The door to the Dachau concentration camp has been stolen, the one with the lettering "Arbeit macht frei" ("work sets free" ), an incredibly important memorial and piece of german history, more, of the whole world's history. To be honest, my first reaction to that information was surprise, my second reaction was laughing, that certain kind of laughter you have when you can't decide whether to laugh or to cry, the kind of laughter that's but a result of the unability to understand what just happened, the laughter of shock. First thoughts I was able to think: "Seriously? Who the hell would do such a thing?" First reaction of my prejudiced brain: "Nazis." Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Bad brain. A Nazi, rather a Neonazi, and a group of them, would neither have the motive nor the intelligence to steal such a well-protected object, as political extremism is proven to root in lack of education and ventiles for psychological complexes and emotions such as anger; what I'm saying, if it was broken, I'd say either Neonazis or Antifascists. But in this case the delinquent has to be someone who doesn't have such a strong political connection and more of an idea what to do with such an object. Someone who will want to sell it. To sell a piece of history, at least that's the only thing a human being would do with such an artefact. Someone who's reckless. Someone who has no understanding of moral. Someone who I would define as the product of a society that has become too extremely liberal, too extremely not-extreme, too extremely capitalist. With both disgust and anxiety I see the people of this world giving up on their friends, neglecting their existing families, forgetting about the plans for future families, and now even selling their own history for money. I'm well aware of the need for pragmatism, but still I think a little more moral understanding of society for society won't hurt. I think we should keep up the ability to remember all the people who passed that door once and would never do so again, I think we should keep up the memory of all the people who didn't fight those conditions, I think we should remind ourselves of the people who supported that genocide, and I think we should not sell memory for money. I really hope I'm wrong assuming the door was stolen to be sold. I really hope there may be some moral left. I really hope all the tears who were shed weren't for nothing. I hope humankind makes progress. Because we're capable of it, we need to, all together, look into the past and understand it's not the fault of anyone that lives today but the fault of everyone else. And we need to understand how values and pragmatism should weigh out one another. We need to, and I want to, and I know we can do it. But to reach that, we should maybe start by putting that door where it belongs, to a memorial of death, insanity and hatred.

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