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HoGeSa. That's the latest stupidity a bored youth has given to Germany. Full name "Hooligans gegen Salafisten". Means: Radical, brutal hooligans and neonazis unite against radical, brutal islamists (the Salafists). Two groups of idiots killing each other on the streets of Germany - where's the problem? To the government, of course, it's the fact that the police has to take care of their "demonstrations" and prevent and punish violence, meaning they have to use violence as well. Now we have three groups battling. Plus, the Salafists want to kill the german Kurds - and in the 1950s many turkish people including many Kurds moved to Germany because they could get jobs here, so there are many german Kurds. The Kurds, in the meantime, don't want to fight anyone, but they have to protect themselves, plus, the extreme right-wing hooligans of HoGeSa hate the Kurds as well ("not German, yet stealing german jobs and getting financial aid by the german government", that's what those brainless dumbasses say), so now there are four groups. And then there's the antifascists, the Antifa, that wants to beat up the neonazis, so the HoGeSa (I wonder why they don't want to beat up the Salafists as well, after all those stupid wandling bricks support the IS which definitely is a fascist organisation...), so we have a fifth group. They haven't yet met on the streets all together, but once that fight comes up it won't be like in "High Noon" where everything is dead silent. That might be war, a weird kind of civilian war. I don't think anybody wants that. But yet, the public fear, another breakout of the "German Angst" in its best, shows a sixth group of stupid short-sighted Germans: the majority. I emphasise again: Those groups are nothing but stupid! They're not really dangerous, they're not to be feared, they're just badly educated, bored young people looking for something to do with their lives. And that is why changing the law about consolidation won't be of any use (an idea by the seventh stupid group, the government). What we need to do is investing into education, and by that I don't mean changing the school system again, that happened way too often in the last few years, but employing more teachers, invest money to improve the interior of schools, improving individual support for children who may fall behind the expectations towards their age range, giving everyone more possibilities of what to do with their lives. That way you won't only have more people to pay the pension funds (see: "How come?" ), but also less stupid ass teens and twens that live off selling drugs and spend the rest of their time in radical consolidations. Peace.

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