Between needs and desires


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Some questions in life are too hard to answer, and those are exactly the questions to try hardest on. One of these questions, one that has bothered me for years is: Why money? Of everything in the world, why do people want money? A question that may be answered. But a weblog won't be enough for that. I'd take a book, or maybe a few. But you can always try, and so I will.
In my everyday routine I'm surrounded by the children of wealthy people, mostly girls that have never learned anything else than being served and getting everything they want. So you won't freak out in surprise if I tell you those ladies know what they want, and they know how to get it. And they want luxury and comfort, they want money. Because that's what they're used to. It's basic knowledge of psychology that the experiences made in the childhood will define a person way more intensely than the rest of their life ever will (except for traumata, but let's not drift off there). A fearful baby has quite the chance of becoming an introvert, a child who always gets what it wants when crying will know how to manipulate people. Freud knew that, and so do we. So what I'm saying is something I won't be saying the last time: It's all about the education. I'm not really blaming anyone for being who they are although that may be a horrible person, and I'm not blaming parents for making a child of yesterday who it is today. All I'm saying is that I can understand that: Wanting what you had as a child. I want laughter and innocence. Some people want a family. Some people want money.
But what about the rags-to-riches-stars of the American Dream, the ideal capitalists? I guess that's where it gets interesting: The desire for something, in its worst case: greed. You may not need money for surviving, or at least there was a time when you didn't. But people wanted it, and why did they want it? Because it provides all the comfort that a person born well-off enjoyed all their life, and it wouldn't be fair if not everyone would get the chance to become rich. Bit too easy? Yes, probably. The situation is more complex. We have a very human behaviour here: Wanting something and doing anything to get it. In court, on homicide, that'd be first degree murder. In society, on monetary differences, that's life. Some make it, some don't. And I'm not bitter about that, more like amused. People waste their bodies' years of top condition between job and psychotherapist to enjoy a good life once it's too late for that. What for? A friend's father, a typical capitalist, just like the one I described, once said it's "for his children to spend a better youth". Funny, because all that happens to these children is that they live the very same way to satisfy their needs for luxury. And they won't even necessarily do what they're interested in but whatever brings in the money. And so those children will waste their days away neither taking for themselves what their father wanted them to take nor producing more children to pay the nation's debts and its people. How absolutely irrational yet so human: addictions. Only those clean are mentally sane.

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