How come?


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I feel like Peter Pan. Going to Neverland, not growing up, that sounds like the best way of life to a teenager that will soon graduate from school. And I'm not alone, I have a huge part of my generation backing me up there. How come? I say: pressure. The image of having to get a good degree, to study, to earn money, to build up a successful career as soon as possible fits today's capitalist society so well it's often sold as the only option for a happy life; the looks i get when saying I don't want to go to a university directly after school because I don't know what to study are mirrors for the fear of doubting that image, the fear of being an outcast and the fear of outcasts, of doubters, of people like me. A few years ago they reduced the time a student needs to spend in school to graduate to twelve. Why? Not because that's good for the students. The german population is growing older and older, our pension funds are in desperate need of money, that means: Germany needs young people that work, that pay those funds. The government's reaction wasn't only badly structured and bad for the students (who are being pressured way more than before), but also very short-sighted: Those young people getting out into the world, building up a career, they can't get children at a young age, meaning the funds will soon be even shorter than they are at the moment. And who says that they'll want to have children? It's not like we're being motivated to give life. Children are useless, they cost money and time and they ruin everything you built up when you lived by yourself or with a partner. No, no, a modern business person (as everyone is expected to want to become one) doesn't waste their time on children, it's too valuable. You need that time for earning money, as much, as quickly and as soon as possible. The things you shouldn't mind are your own physical and psychological needs, your reproduction

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